Meet   Our  Pastor

Hyunwoong Hwang

Rev. Hyunwoong Hwang is a provisional elder in the Wisconsin United Methodist Church. He hails from South Korea, where he was both born and raised. His deep Christian faith took root during his middle school years, a time when his father battled terminal liver disease. The warmth and compassion extended by his church family deeply touched him, leaving a lasting impression. He was moved by their emotional and even financial support, which highlighted the profound impact of God's grace through the church community. These experiences led him to embrace Jesus as his savior.

He earned his bachelor's degree in Mathematics and subsequently fulfilled his mandatory military service for two years. During this period, he had the privilege of assisting a military chaplain, an experience that brought him great joy. Witnessing how the words of God provided solace to soldiers and how the church's ministries uplifted them left a profound mark on him.

Upon recognizing his calling to ordained ministry, he pursued his studies at the Methodist Theological Seminary in Korea, where he obtained a Master of Divinity degree. Seeking a more diverse educational environment, he embarked on a journey at Boston University's School of Theology. There, he achieved his second Master's degree in Christian Ethics. In 2017, he concluded his studies at BU and assumed the role of pastor at Community UMC in Brighton, Massachusetts. Over the course of three years, he experienced the life-giving grace of God and established sustainable and engaging ministries.

As he embarks on a new chapter at Phillips UMC, he carries a strong belief in God's purpose for this faith community. He envisions a journey blessed with love, peace, and justice as they collectively navigate their spiritual path forward.

In his free time, he enjoys biking and discovering new trails. His only wish is that if anyone ever happens to see him on one of his regular bike rides, that they wave, give a friendly hello, and are open to making a new friend.